// Ulrich Schuster

Sports // People // Documentary

I’m Ulrich – let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I was born and raised in Munich and got the chance to work and live in different cities.  I went to school in Canada, studied communication in Salzburg and started to work in my first job at a mediacompany in Nuremberg in 2011. Since 2005 I have been exploring my love for photography and in 2008 I started to work as a photographer while studying. After working for different companies, including agencies and startups, I quit my job and decided to fully work as a professional photographer in 2015.  In my work I mainly focus on the fields of Lifestyle/Sport, Portrait & Documentary photography.  I naturally developed an inclination to the field of sports photography, which I partly have to credit to my love of sports and playing ice hockey for over 20 years. In August 2018 my wife -a primary school teacher- and I decided to move to Berlin where she had the chance to pursue her career as a teacher.

In my career as a full-time photographer I worked for various companies and public institutions such as Weber Grill, Ecko unltd., Jugendamt Nürnberg, and even the church etc.. The interaction with people, either for commercial jobs or documentaries, is what my work is all about.
Furthermore, I have published numerous images in various newspapers and magazines as a photojournalist (AZ, NN, Bild etc.).

If there is anything else you would like to know or question feel free to get in touch.
I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Years of experience

// Reference

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